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More Than Burgers

Hardee’s is a recognized leader in the fast food industry. The name was synonymous with “burger” when I was a child. Boddie-Noell Enterprises is the largest franchisee of Hardee’s restaurants. With over 330 locations, they have

Class Dismissed

School may be out for the summer, but the search for quality education providers doesn’t stop. We recently contributed principal photography and online editing services for Greenfield School: Educating the Total Student. The promotional video offers an overview of Greenfield School, an independent PS2–12th grade school located in Wilson, NC. Our Sony F3 proved invaluable… Read more »

Whirligigs, Spinning Into Art History

DaySpring Media shot and posted a video about Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs and the Whirligig Park Project for Wilson, NC’s local government channel. Whirligigs are well loved American folk-art. These whimsical caricatures of animals, planes, or farm equipment typically have blades that rotate in the wind and cause various parts of the sculpture to move. Ninety-three… Read more »

Savvy Award for Troubled Waters


A video photographed and edited by DaySpring Media has won a Savvy Award. Presented by the City-County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA), this Savvy award honors creative marketing and communications in the “One-time Special Programming” category. Troubled Waters documents the possible long-term environmental effects of a proposed chicken processing facility, its waste sprayfield, and the… Read more »

New Website, Same Great Service

DaySpring Media website screencapture

Welcome to the latest version of our website.Things may look different since we’ve moved the furniture and slapped a fresh coat of paint on, but our commitment to provide cost-effective and award-winning video, post, and audiovisual services remains the same. As the dust settles, we’ll add more samples and production photos. Meanwhile, have a look… Read more »