Downtown Makes A Place For Art

From a distance, bright lights form multi-colored layers of tapestry. Moving closer, the dark scent of brewing coffee drifts through opened doors, carriedon a chorus of local music. Blackboards displaying regional and international cuisine line cobblestone walkways leading to cozy eateries.

Once known for general stores, courthouses, and mail depots, downtowns today are cultural hubs that offer prime real estate for businesses and homeowners. Making cities friendlier and more liveable is a prime economic driver.

The resurgence of downtowns across America mirrors a global trend. The World Health Organization estimates 60% of the world’s population will live in a city by 2030 (source), and when urban economies diversify, art becomes a catalyst in attracting communities that lead this dynamic growth.

Across the country, ArtPlace fuels this urban revitalization. A collaboration of national foundations and federal entities with loan backing of six of the nation’s largest banks, ArtPlace has invested in local and regional projects in all 50 states. From endeavors that spread the arts through storytelling and dance, to providing space for emerging artists to create, ArtSpace grant recipients take advantage of every region’s unique artistic personality.