We Learn and We Create

Students aren’t the only ones who think summer vacation is too short. When it’s time to head back to school, teachers need motivating as well. Long hours and low pay too often underscore a job that benefits society in immeasurable ways when done well. That’s why school districts across the country hold back to school rallies: to inspire their staff before opening day.

Wilson County, NC’s theme for this year’s rally was inspired by a comment 6th grade student Israel Delabra made to Superintendent Sean Bulson at a budget meeting. We learn and we create sums up the 13 year process that transforms the crying, 1st-day kindergartner into a confident graduate, ready to become the next doctor, police officer, or engineer.

In addition to facilitating the AV for the show, we produced high-definition vignettes of current and former students to illustrate the positive influence that good teachers and caring school personnel can have on children. The excerpt above uses community leaders who graduated from Wilson County schools to make this point.