Avid & Boris Upgrades

Avid_MC6 editor

We’ve recently upgraded key software in our editing suites. Moving from Avid Media Composer 5.5 to 6.0, our editors benefit from the updated user interface, and customers benefit from the full 64-bit code rewrite introduced with this version. What customer benefits you ask? Avid best describes them in this Knowledge Base article.

64bit allows for larger memory buffers which in turn supports more parallelism with regards to multiple threads and the processor cores that can work on them. Being a 64bit native application therefore provides a net positive for muti-core [sic] utilization across the board.

OK… I guess it’s good Avid writes editing software instead of greeting cards. Simply put, this newest version makes better use of the computer’s hardware and memory, which enables faster rendering and better performance with complex effects. Prettier pictures in less time = client benefits!

Boris Continuum Complete 8 rounds out the upgrades. This special effects package is useful for creating many of the blurs, glows, sparkles, and film looks you see in theaters and television. BCC works within Avid, so time is not wasted exporting and importing footage to adjust the look of effects. Coupled with our Sony F3 camera, the results have been inspiring.