Savvy Award for Troubled Waters

3CMA Savvy Award

A video photographed and edited by DaySpring Media has won a Savvy Award. Presented by the City-County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA), this Savvy award honors creative marketing and communications in the “One-time Special Programming” category.

Troubled Waters documents the possible long-term environmental effects of a proposed chicken processing facility, its waste sprayfield, and the hundreds of feeder farms it would bring to Wilson, Nash, and Edgecombe counties. Before the video, much of the publicly available information about the processing plant centered around the expected increase in jobs for the area.

Combining witness testimonies, industrial statistics, and on-location video, Troubled Waters looks beyond the jobs the plant would create, and focuses on the detrimental effects of excessive nutrient releases to the environment and water basin. Another highlighted issue is the difficulty in attracting high-tech industries to regions saturated with confined animal feeding operations.

The video is part of the City of Wilson’s ongoing effort to provide citizens with information to make informed decisions about the future of their environment and water supply. Troubled Waters can be seen in its entirety on Wilson, NC’s Vimeo network.